My name is Steve Hilliar, my passion is photography

I take photos and video at concerts as well as a touch of travel. I support local entertainers as they deserve serious recognition as well as  international artists who are touring New Zealand.

Above is shot of "Ray Woolf" one of our own entertainers in Concert 2017.

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Tommy Emannuel

Tommy Emmanuel

Tommy Emmanuel was touring New Zealand  2017

The Hollies

2016 saw the famous UK group The Hollies in New Zealand and Australia

Hank Marvin

Jewel in the crown, the master Hank Marvin famous from the 1960's group The Shadows

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Reflections of real musicians

Hank Marvin

Hank Marvin Gypsy Jazz

I first met Hank Marvin in 2013 and what followed since is nothing short of amazing. Hank was my child hood hero, my mentor and like many other people inspired my love of music together with the unique sound of guitars and effect units. I had a sensational career in the music and entertainment industry starting in New Zealand in the 1960's and continuing in London UK before returning to New Zealand in 1971. The story continues on these pages.

New Zealand Artists

In 1966 Radio Hauraki, a pirate radio station changed the broadcasting industry in New Zealand forever. This is when I became a big fan of our talented New Zealand entertainers.To this very day I support them, photograph them and promote their music whenever and wherever I am. The picture to the right is of Steve Mitchell from The Human Kindness band based in Nelson New Zealand.