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Event Photography | Steve Hilliar

This website is dedicated to bringing you high-energy event photography and articles, with the focus mainly but not restricted to the music industry.

Event Photography | Stever Hilliar

Event photography is what we do

Photos and articles reflecting people, places and performances.

If you have an interest in event photography you’ve come to the right place. The truth is, I am blogger, an amateur photographer and a music enthusiast from New Zealand who spends vast amounts of time sniffing around key players at music events.

I also have a huge passion for world and local travel,  using photography and video to record any interesting event I am privileged to attend.

I consider myself an ordinary everyday amateur photographer, rather than claiming a specific style. Concerts, people and places is where my interest lies. As an everyday photographer means I capture whatever takes my interest.

If you are here as a photographic enthusiast, wanting to learn more about photography, or just interested in my pictures, video or articles feel free to participate.

  • Ever thought about what may be behind that photograph?
  • What camera was used?
  • Where was it taken?
  • What guitar or keyboard was the artist playing?
  • What brand of effects pedal is on that lead guitar?
  • What kind of amplifier is on the stage?

As an avid supporter of all things musical, I have always wanted to know the answers to such questions. Hopefully my passion brings you some of these facts.

The Performers

I support musicians from all walks of life, people who give their time to entertain you. I support their passion and artistry.

The Places

Although my passion is mainly music I have been privileged to travel the world extensively. I have attended many great events as well as capture some wonderful scenes in spectacular countries including my own. Many of which will be displayed here.

Enjoy my site, and I welcome your feedback. If you have some great shots, I’ll happily feature them right here on these pages if you contact us »

Or click here if you just want to read about event photography and music industry articles »