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What things inspire you? In my case music, travel and photography have been at the top of the list. The truth is, I am a amateur photographer, a serious music lover and I am fortunate enough to travel worldwide and snap a few cool shots. I would like to think my pictures and experiences can motivate others.

Thankfully cameras and imaging technology has developed at such a rate; rank amateurs like me can achieve reasonable results. These pages are here for those of you have nothing better to do, bored out of your brains, eccentric people, nutcases or just people looking for some inspiration. Feel free to participate, maybe add some value for others.

More About Steve

Music has been a very large part of my life and it is expressed widely throughout these pages.

  • Ever thought about what may be behind that photograph?
  • What camera was used?
  • Where was it taken?
  • What guitar or keyboard was the artist playing?
  • What brand of effects pedal is on that lead guitar?
  • What kind of amplifier is on the stage?

As an avid supporter of all things musical, I have always wanted to know the answers to such questions. Hopefully my passion brings you some of these facts.

The Performers

Musicians from all walks of life are people who give their time to entertain you. Many do it for fun and do not get paid. I support their musical ability and have been extremely fortunate to photograph amazing entertainers as well as world renowned and well respected recording artists.

The Places

Music makes most peoples day including my own, the ability to travel the world extensively and attend many great events has been a blessing. However capturing some wonderful scenes in spectacular countries including my own makes my day too. Many of which are displayed here.

Enjoy my site, and I welcome your feedback.

If you have some great shots, I’ll happily feature them right here on these pages.

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