Hank Marvin

Hank Marvin

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Hank Marvin Guitar Legend

I was introduced to Hank Marvin (The Shadows) back in 2013 by my friend of 48 years Gray Bartlett. What happened since that meeting is nothing short of amazing and I intend writing the full story in detail. This will start from back in the early 1960’s because the events leading up to the current situation have a bearing on it and quite remarkable. I hope to produce a book about it both in digital format and as a hard copy with high quality pictures. Parts of the events can be read in my life story on this site but not in real detail. Since that time I have become extremely passionate about the art of Concert Photography which happens to be very challenging to say the least.

My interests in photography stem way back to when I was 19 years of age and started fooling around with 35mm slides and black and white prints using film. I have been able to build a significant library of photos since that time with the very odd good shot among them.These days digital photography has taken over although film is still available to the die hard fans who love it.

That first camera I owned was a Yashica 35mm and it was NOT a single lens reflex camera, the slides were OK but the camera finally ended up where it belonged, in Srinagar India in 1970 when I sold it for more than I paid originally. At that time I also owned a Pentax Spotmatic which I had purchased in Singapore in 1967, not long after I had seen Hank Marvin on stage in Sydney Australia. Naturally at that time he was with his original group The Shadows and little did I know I would not meet him in person until 2013 in New Zealand of all places.

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