Human Kindness Band

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Human Kindness Band

The Human Kindness Band reside in Nelson New Zealand.
One sensational group comprising of:
Bruce McGregor, Drums; Glynn Olsen, Lead Guitar; Steve Mitchell, Vocals, Slide Guitar, Guitar; Danny Sugar, Bass.
The photograph was taken on March 12th 2016 at one of the rehearsals.
This photo is of Steve Mitchell who is an exceptional slide guitarist as well as singer and songwriter. The rehearsal took place at a local recording studio in the evening. The surroundings were very dark and this particular photograph was taken with my Sony A7Rmk2 with a cranked up ISO rating.
I first saw this group over one year ago at the Playhouse on the road to Mapua, they were there performing for a charity and it was at that stage I was able to witness first hand the ability of this group. Glyn Olsen whom I have now personally known for a number of years is also a sensational guitarist who has spent many years developing his own style and ability well above the average.
The group are entertaining, capable of playing a wide variety of music and rightly so have a good following in the region. In my personal opinion I hope I have the opportunity to see them perform in other venues around the country and I am certain they will be in hot demand from this year on.

You can read more about this group by clicking here: human kindness music

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