Take a trip to Petra in the Kingdom of Jordan

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Petra, Jordan – The Treasury

Here is what I came to Jordan for mainly to walk into this amazing place called Petra, it simply  takes your breath away. The main purpose of my visit to Jordan was to visit Petra and believe me it was well worth while. The lost city is sensational and quite frankly one of the best sights I have ever seen. Another place on my bucket list but maybe one day I may get back there. It is a dream place for photography and it is also accessible at night. The treasury of course was featured in the famous Indiana Jones movie “the Last Crusade” in 1989. Believe it or not that particular movie is where I got my inspiration to visit this fantastic place.

This photo has been cropped and resized for the web but I used a Lumix (Panasonic) FX36 digital camera in 16×9 format. At that stage there was no such camera as the Sony A7s and since obtaining one of those I have longed to go back to Petra for another visit. The night shots would be amazing.

The drive to Petra was quite some distance from Amman Jordan’s largest city but the roads were well built and driving there was easy. The sights along the way were rather spectacular through the mountains however nothing compared to the surprise of what was in store in Petra. Truly a place to add to your bucket list. Safe, very nice people and lots to see and do. There is a significant climb up the cliff via steep steps to the Abbey, most people walk but hiring a donkey to carry you is an option if you feel it is too much for you.

There is also another area not too far away called Little Petra, a sort of mini version of the original itself.


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