What can you do?

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Most people believe “It can’t be done” How many times do you hear someone say that? Almost daily if you listen. No wonder the average person is doomed to fail. Many of us give up and settle for a lot less in life than we could have, on the other side of the coin many of us just work too hard believing we need a lot more than we do.

After a very rough start in life; living in a small coal mining village in New Zealand, plus receiving a very poor education, I was able to carve out a spectacular career. Despite failing all the exams, despite wasting three miserable years at college I was able to retire at 50 years old. With the help of many good people along the way plus self determination I escaped working in a coal mine and made some interesting experiences happen.

Here I intend to outline some of those experiences as well as the mistakes, stories about world travel, including an overland trip from Europe to India via Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nepal. Working on a Pirate Radio station at sea, selling for Xerox and creating a successful import business in New Zealand for a major Japanese Hi-Fi manufacturer. Taking up playing guitar at the ripe old age of sixty four and organizing concerts featuring the legendary world renowned guitarist Hank Marvin. THEN my real journey into photography.

None of this is to blow my own trumpet, the goal is to simply inspire the reader into understanding we can do whatever we wish if we try hard enough and have the passion. There are tons of pages on the internet about “How to retire early” however my question is how many of these writers have actually done it? My story is my own real experience. If you want to read about it go here:

My Story


Remember “If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you always got”. BE DIFFERENT. What can YOU do?

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